Do you need a professionally built business website?

Chris Parry Collection website screenshot

Why you need a website

I was speaking to someone the other day when our jobs cropped up in the conversation. When I told him I designed and built websites he told me he had let his business website ‘go’, and was now only using his LinkedIn in profile to promote his business. Whilst I thought this odd, I couldn’t really think of any concrete reasons why he was wrong, so when I got back to my desk I decided to find some! So in no particular order, here are five reasons why you need a professionally designed business website:

Meet expectation
People will look a company up before using them. Even if you’re not selling anything online, your site will act as a cost effective brochure. Meet expectation by having a professionally designed business website that looks the part, informs and provides contact details. It’s a resource that’s available 24/7.

As I said, people will research a company online now before using them. And we all know first impressions count. Stanford University created this list of things your website should have. They include strong visual design, ease of use, how useful the site is, highlighting your expertise and clear contact information.

Integrate Social Media
Social Media is a great tool for any busines but relying solely on it has drawbacks. You’re playing in someone else’s playground and have to abide by their rules. Algorithms can change, what may work now might not in a month’s time. And things change; LinkedIn is currently regarded as the place for professional networking but will it be in five years? Use social media, in fact I’d encourage you to, but don’t rely on it either.

You’re in control
You’re in control of your own website. Obvious I know, but you control the narrative on your own site. Get yourself in front of your target ausience with effective content, dedicate a page to customer testimonials. You can even add social media share buttons to your content so your visitors can share your content for you to their followers.

Keeping up
If you don’t have a site you can guarantee your competitors do. The worst thing you can do is have a site and just leave it gathering digital dust. You need to keep it up to date, Google craves new content to index. New services, special offers, an article that’s relevant to a current news story.

If any of the above chimes with you get in contact and we can discuss your website needs. Whether it’s a new site or a refresh, help with keeping your content up to date or new hosting bpm web design are here to help!